Conventional people are conscientious, conservative, thorough and detail-oriented. They are persons who love procedures and follow them with precision. They excel best in quantitative jobs with well-structured environments.

Careers suited to the Conventional Personality

Airline Reservation Agent

This person works at an airline office. He/she provides information to customers and makes flight reservations.

Bank Teller

A bank employee who receives and pays out money


A person who records the accounts and transactions of a business


An employee of a company whose major function is to pay and receive money such as in a restaurant or supermarket

Clerk, General

A person who works in an office and keeps records attends to correspondence and does filing


A person who works in an office and does typing as well as keeping records, attending to correspondence and filing

Court Clerk

A person who records and keeps court records

Customer Service Representative

This person has to deal with the customers of a business or company and give information about the product or services provided by the company. They may do this in person or by telephone, e-mail, fax or letters.

Data Entry Clerk

This person works with a computer. He/she puts information from paper onto a computer and is trained to maintain as well as update and retrieve the information

Driving Examiner

A driving examiner conducts a driving test to see if an applicant should be given a drivers license

Filing Clerk

This person keeps the files of a business or an organization

Hotel Clerk

This person works at the front desk of a hotel.

Information Clerk

This person provides information relating to the business where he/she is employed

Insurance Clerk

A person who carries out clerical work such as sorting, filing, keeping records and assisting the public in an insurance office

Keyboard Operator

He/she uses a keyboard to record and keep office records.

Manager, Office

An office manager ensures that the employees are doing their best so that the organization operates well.

Medical Records Technician

This person keeps records of the history, diagnosis and treatment of patients for doctors and insurance companies

Payroll Clerk

A person who looks after the list of employees in a company receiving wages with the amounts due to each one.

Post Office Clerk

A person who works in a post office where mail is received, sorted and delivered and stamps and other postal matters are sold.


A person who carries and delivers mail.


This person reads a printer?s proof of a document against the original in order to correct mistakes.


A person who is employed in an office chiefly to receive callers and answer the telephone

Reservation Clerk

This person makes reservations for travel and/or hotel accommodation

Secretary, Medical, Legal, Dental

A person who is employed to handle correspondence, keep files and do clerical work or an individual or a company.


A person who is employed in an office chiefly to receive callers and answer the telephone

Statistical Clerk

A person who attends to a collection of statistical data.


A person who is skilled in shorthand especially one who is employed to take and transcribe dictation in an office or court


They call people on the phone with a view to selling products.

Telephone Operator

Also known as a switchboard operator answers incoming calls to an office or organization

Ticket seller

A person who sells tickets e.g. at a cinema or theatre.

Title Examiner

A person who searches public records to find out the legal condition of property title/searches titles to find out if the title deed is correct

Title Searcher

Someone who is able to search for documents and books in a library, legal documents and property data etc.

Town Clerk

A public official who is in charge of keeping the records of a town